George Strait Acting Again...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looks like George Strait will be starring in a new movie titled "A Pure Country Gift."

Reports are saying that the movie will be about three angels who give the gift of a beautiful singing voice to a newborn girl. As she gets older she breaks some of the angels' rules and they take away her singing voice.

Katrina Elam will also be acting in the movie. She is played as a 9-year-old by Kaitlyn Dorff, daughter of Steve Dorff, who composed the music for the original "Pure Country" and will also compose the music for the upcoming movie.

The movie will be directed by Chris Cain, which directed Strait's previous movie "Pure Country" and is being filmed in Nashville where there has been a few chance to be an "extra"

It appears to be a holiday themed movie, and possible release date during the holiday season of 2010.