Charlie's Soapbox

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Charlie's Soapbox

Charlie Daniels is one of country music's gems. An amazing talent in vocals, lyrics, and instrumentation. There is one more thing that makes Charlie Daniels such an wonderful role model to everyone. Why do I call him a role model? Daniels stands up for what he believes and isn't ashamed or scared to share his thoughts. In fact, every 3 to 4 days Daniels has something to say right on his website.

It is worth taking a look at Daniel's "soapbox." Whether you believe in what he does or not, it is a wonderful read.

By the way, Daniels has a new album ready for release in March. It is titled "Songs From The Longleaf Pines" and is a gospel/bluegress collection. I have a feeling this will be one special album.

Country Music Meetup Groups

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to get a group of people together just to dicuss country music and make a few new friends?

Well, is the place for just that. Here how it works in a nutshell. Search the website using your zip code and it will list the groups in your area. Don't see your interest/topic in the list, you can create a group. Others in the area join the group. Then, you decide on a place to meet such as a resturant.

What a cool idea and ideal for country music fans I think. Take the time to join one on your area. If you are in the Richmond, VA area, I am the organizer for the group.

Oh, it is totally free.

or directly to country music groups:

Richmond, VA area Country Music Meetup:

Concert Date Update

Friday, January 07, 2005

I got a response from the Patriot Center yesterday.

Apparently they made a mistake about the" Disney on Ice"
coming. And indeed, the tour is coming to the Patriot
Center on March 18. Country Music Alive, of course, will
be covering the show.

However, the tickets for the show dont go onsale until
January 15th. That's less than a month away from the
show. I don't like that idea one bit. It doesn't make
much since to me. It doesnt give fans enough time to buy
tickets, which turns out low sales.

I've had my Alison Krauss tickets for months. Show this
month. The same with George Strait, tickets went onsale
Dec 4 for a Jan 20. That's the way it should be.

Country records are best-sellers in 2004 - Thursday, 01/06/05

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Country records are best-sellers in 2004 - Thursday, 01/06/05

Take a look at this article in the Tennessean. It is a really well written look at the past year just in sales. It also confirms the 12% rise in country music sales for 2004. Pretty good to hear, thats for sure.

This article uses Nielsen Soundscan for the figures while what has been most seen in the past week would have been Billboard's numbers. The biggest difference, as noted in the article, is Nielsen uses the calendar year for sales figures. Billboard collects December 2003-November 2004.

Checking Concert Schedules

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

You know, you always hear.. "always check with the venue
before planning to travel for concerts..." I always
thought that it was just the normal legal speech to cover
the person who put the information up in the first place.


Andy Griggs, Sara Evans, and Brad Paisley have teamed up
for what could be one of the best tours of 2005, and its
only January. The schedule on both Evans' and Paisley's
official website and list a date for the
Patriot Center on February 18, 2005. The wait for ticket
onsale has been a long one, with no listing on the Patriot
Center's website nor

Today, the Patriot Center's website posted a Disney on Ice
event for the night that is scheduled.

So, the saga will continue... Will keep you updated on
what I find out about the actual date or what is going on.

The Times Record - Fort Smith, Arkansas

Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Times Record - Fort Smith, Arkansas

Here is an interesting article that you may enjoy reading.

2004 was "Big & Rich", sorta

Well another year has passed. The end of the year reviews are complete, published, and talked about. Billboard, CMT, my site, and all the rest have had their say. The book has closed on 2004. However, now 2 days into 2005, we should take a look at what has changed or what has been learned in country music in the last year.

The biggest change, if you will, in country music this year was introduction to a new style of country music. Every decade, just about at the turn of the decade, country music seems to go through a change. This change we usually don't notice til its over. I think 2004 though showed us what movement country music will be apparent when we look back in 2010 at the 00's. The pop/country sound will be prevalent when we look back.

Big & Rich has lead this movement, like them or not, they have changed country music. Their high paced, rock influenced, mimicking style has become one of the hottest groups in music. They have crept their way onto the "I don't like country, BUT I do like..." Artists list.

Their style is definitely not what could be called "traditional," but they do have a country music influence in their music. Also, in songs like "Holly Water," the country music influence and tone is there to hear. Many traditional country music fans find the embarrassing and intolerable.

Which side of the issue you are on is for you to decide and has been debated since the release of their debut album in May 0f 2004 (that ended up #5 in the year end Billboard issue). However, like it or not, they are a part of the country music community now. Other artists with like sounds are sure to come around and even some that are around share the same sound as well. 2004 brought that to light that this decade will be remembered as one of a much more pop influenced country music sound.

Yes, there many great traditional artists still thriving... Alan Jackson, George Strait, Brad Paisley.. The list goes on. At the same time though, new artists continue to thrive in the new pop/country movement. The next year will definitely be interesting to see if the movement continues. I believe it will and only come stronger. I don't think it will be quiet a change as it was in the 90's with the "Class of 89," but close to it.