Nashville Star 3 Prediction

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

well, I am torn between Erika Jo and Jason Meadows, I love them both so much

my prediction though.... write it down, lol, Erika Jo will win tonight

well, the reason I believe she will is because she is really the first female on the show this a positive role model and has the appeal of "want to be like her"

See, there is a lot of females watching the show and voting. So, they are more attracted to the males, so, thats why the guys get the vote, however the impact of good role model and the strong will of Erika Jo has even more of an impact on the female voter,

I love Jason though, he is extremely talented, and probably will get a record deal with no problem, but what hurts him is he has basically one style, though he has perfected the style and is extremely talented. Erika is a bit more diverse in what she can sing and do.

So, watch tonight and see if my prediction of Nashville Star 3 Winner Erika Jo is correct.