Alive Again

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hi there,

Yes... it certainly has been awhile since I have posted. There many reasons that I'm sure in the coming days and weeks I will discuss. The biggest though has been my schedule. It has really been hectic these past few months, and still is in a lot of ways. However, I am feeling a routine coming, finally.

A second reason, probably a result of the hectic schedule and all, the passion to write wasn't there. Pretty simple. Last week though, I noticed that I really do miss it and have made my inner pledge to get back into something I really enjoy... writing this blog and running my website that go hand and hand with one another. In fact the creative juices in my mind started to flow again last night. The gerbil is back on the wheel, if you will.. ha!

With that said, I am first and foremost interested in a total overhaul of the website first and foremost. I have thought about it and did some research into my stats, which everyday still amazes me how many people visit and from where they come from. I've decided that the website itself needs help.. a lot. So, in the coming days and weeks, that will have what I hope to be a new fresh look. Less features, but more impact on the features you all want to see and use.

There so many websites out there these days on country music that the material, is well, basically the same. You can go to those sites for the details and such. I want to be your starting block. That goes back to the core feel of Country Music Alive, to promote country music in a positive way and bring more fans into a music that I dearly love. What will be on the new website? What will it look like? Your guess is good as mine... I am thinking through writing right now. I have ideas, I have a few visions.. but no visual plan yet.

I do know the blog isn't going anywhere, nor is the Twitter feed, nor the website, and I am to the point now I can't wait to get started and stop typing here... so I will stop.

I will keep you updated on its progress and can't wait to see the finished product.