Good Song or Just Overplayed

Monday, July 25, 2005

Country radio, among other sources of music such as cable
networks these days play songs over and over. We know
that. Is it because the song is really that good or is it
just overplayed so much it becomes so familiar that we
think it is a good song?

I'm thinking the 2nd option.

Of those songs we here hour after hour, do you really miss
hearing it after it is done with its time in the
spotlight? Very rarely do.. think about it. Don't you
think it was truly a good song, that you would miss it at
least some?

Sure, rarely, a song that is truly 1-country and 2-good
gets plenty of radio time, don't get me wrong in thinking
that every song that is overplayed is bad. It's not
totally so, but certainly close.

If the stations would take just a little time to cut down
on the overplaying and make room for other songs, just
maybe you can find something decent on country radio. I
won't hold my breath, that's for sure. Thank God for my
own CD collection and XM Radio.

Website Has a New Logo

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pretty nice huh? This is the new official logo of Country Music Alive. I am quiet proud of this one. If you haven't ever checked out the site, go take a look. There is a lot more over there, including my free e-mail newsletter. Previous e-mails and the current edition are always available there as well.

I thank the guys at for the design of the logo. They were awsome to work with.

Cooter Spoke Out On Movie

Monday, July 18, 2005

Dukes of Hazzard | Cooter's Place | DukesFest | General Store | Cooter's Museum

The Dukes of Hazzard movie is about ready to be released, August 12th to be exact. It finally recieved a rating of PG-13. I have seen the trailer and read some about it. I agree that is not going to be like the show we all love, however, what is these days? Any remake of any show, movie, song, or anything else isn't the same. Yes, it is a shame at times that the world has become full of sexual innuendo, fast pace lifestyle, and laxed moral responsibility. That is how the world is, we can't really change that and this new movie is just one of so very many examples of this.

Now, Ben "Cooter" Jones' is entitled to his thoughts, I love that very much. And yes, I do agree with him quiet a bit on what he had to say about the movie. At the same time though, IF the Dukes were a new concept today and started to air this week. It would have a major following and it would be just like what I expect the movie will be like. It is plain and simple; a sign of the times. Nothing more, nothing less.

I agree with Jones as well on that it isn't for children. However, I don't agree that fans of the Dukes shouldn't see it. Sure it is not the same, but it is just another enjoyable extenstion of being a fan. Yes, most probably will be disappointed in the movie, but let's not rush to full judgement until it is out and seen.

The "If you don't clean it up, we're not going to see it." thought sounds great on paper. However, the "big industry" isn't scared nor will it have a major effect on the sales. In fact, all it is doing is gaining more exposure for the movie, which equals even more sales. That's all it does. For the person that tells someone they aren't going to see it, there is one more person that knows about the movie. A potential "replacement" for the person not seeing it. Then, you will probably tell more than one person. So, you end up supporting sales.

I will go see the movie, most likely in the theater and not wait for DVD, and fairly soon after its release. Why? Because I am interested in seeing it, a fan of the Dukes, and the simplest reason-entertainment.

Comparison of what's good writing and not.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Let's compare 2 articles that were written for basically the same reason. A promotion of an upcoming show with Dierks Bentley. These articles were published 1 day apart. The shows were also one day apart. So, it is a very fair comparison.

Read this:

I read this article and I found myself looking for a second page or something that said it was just a part of the article. That was it though. That was the whole thing. All it told me basically was that Bentley lives on his bus and in a hotel. Great, thanks. Most of all, there is a transcript! I can't stand reading an article with a transcript. To me, that shows just pure laziness and lack of being able to create thoughts.

Now, this one:

This is how it should be. This is an example of a good article. It talks about the music, yes, a little bit about living on the road, it talks some about what to expect at the show, and full of great information. No transcript in this article, no way. Quotes, most definitely. A quote does so much for an article. It gives creditability to the article and enhances the impact of the thoughts that are shared in the writing.

Just like anything, there good ones and bad ones.

Summer Storm = Country Music Dedication

Summer outside concerts are so enjoyable. Then again, I think fall is the very best when its cooler and oh yes, the less chance of a awful thunderstorm creating great inconvenience for concert goers.

Last Wednesday night, Dierks Bentley came to the Innsbrook pavilion, a few miles from my house here in Richmond, VA. I have been ready to see him in concert since the last time Bentley was here with George Strait. The work day was over, and now it was time to change my focus to what I love most about life... an great evening of good music. One problem: 4:30pm it sounded like the end of the world was beginning. One of the worst thunderstorms of the season hit. It was one of those where you actually see the lighting strike and it wasn't just raining, but it was more like a raging river flowing out of the sky. It lasted till about 7:45, on and off. The show finally got started around 9:00pm. Great show of course. Dierks is one of the best artists out there right now.

That though is not the story here. During the storm, lines of fans waited outside in all of it. As much as I would like to say it was pure stupidity, I must also realize that it is dedication. A line of hundreds waited in all of the chaos of the storm, putting their lives at risk to see a country music performer. Of course, some other performers, fans may do this, but certainly not many. This type of thing happens for just about every country music artist that is successful.

Country music fans will do just about anything, within morals that country music fans have and legality, to see and support country music's artists and events.

Detroit's display of pride

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tonight while I was enjoying the Major League Baseball All-Star game, I noticed something totally outside of the the baseball flair, the stats, the players, and everything going on with the game. I noticed the pride of the host city, Detroit, Michigan, of their music (specifically the Motown Sound, but also their visitors bureau takes credit for techo music as well.)

I noticed that taking that great pride in their music and being certain it was promoted in the coverage of the game really brought my attention to the music. In relation to country music, I think this is one of the numerous reasons of the success of the country music genre. Any chance Nashville, TN has to be in the spotlight for special events with national exposure, they take every moment they can to promote their pride of being the home of country.

Detroit got my attention tonight, though briefly of course. It allowed me to remember the Motown Sound and how good the music is. If it did this for me, it probably did it for many others as well. It had an impact, even though it was brief with a small piece with Smokey Robinson and Brain McKnight singing the National Anthem.

Detroit should be applauded for being sure that their pride in the music was a part of the presentation of the ballgame tonight. Even if they didn't think about it much or didn't play a part in the decision, they should be. I just don't know what kind of influence they have on the production.

It is also a great reminder to other cities, especially country of course, to be sure that their pride is on display when the time arises for their city to be in the spotlight.

By the way, Detroit also is the home of the 2006 Super Bowl, so I am sure we will see more of this pride on display this winter. : Hootie and the Blowfish ?what??

Friday, July 08, 2005 : Hootie and the Blowfish : Message Board

Ok can someone please explain this to me. Why in the heck is Hootie and the Blowfish on, lists them as Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/ Rock, American Trad Rock, Jam Bands. Which is accurate. It lists their influences as R.E.M., The Allman Brothers, and Pearl Jam. Pretty good influences. Don't get me wrong, I like the group, especially the earlier stuff they did. However, they are not country. Not close, not sorta.

CMT needs to wake up. Come on. This is out of hand. CMT should be promoting country music and respect its heritage, demographic, and the listners of country music. If you would do this, and properly, CMT may be surprised at what kind of ratings they would get. Adding groups like Hootie and the Blowfish to their website is not going to do it.

I already don't watch the channel and this is exactly why. They even have a listening party for their new album. This is out of control. I don't understand, nor care to.

CMT, sorry, but I can't handle it anymore. I will not be watching anything on that channel; Thank God for GAC.

How much longer for Strait?

Friday, July 01, 2005

33 albums down, how many more to go? Strait just keeps
going and going. Album after album.

The 32nd album sounded like the last one for him, just by
the tone of the album and some of the songs on it. Plus,
the release of the 50 #1 Hits album. Sounded like a nice
close to a long career. Now, #33 is out and is full of
more Strait perfection.

I certainly hope he continues to produce records, but I
have a feeling, that the near future he will retire from
the recording business. I do know when he does, it will
be simple. Maybe a fan appreciation tour to say goodbye,
but not bif fanfare around the event. A Simple thank you,
like at the end of his concerts.

I thought the same after the 32nd album, and now the 33rd,
and I'm sure before we know it, #34 will be in the works.

I sure hope so.