Summer Storm = Country Music Dedication

Friday, July 15, 2005

Summer outside concerts are so enjoyable. Then again, I think fall is the very best when its cooler and oh yes, the less chance of a awful thunderstorm creating great inconvenience for concert goers.

Last Wednesday night, Dierks Bentley came to the Innsbrook pavilion, a few miles from my house here in Richmond, VA. I have been ready to see him in concert since the last time Bentley was here with George Strait. The work day was over, and now it was time to change my focus to what I love most about life... an great evening of good music. One problem: 4:30pm it sounded like the end of the world was beginning. One of the worst thunderstorms of the season hit. It was one of those where you actually see the lighting strike and it wasn't just raining, but it was more like a raging river flowing out of the sky. It lasted till about 7:45, on and off. The show finally got started around 9:00pm. Great show of course. Dierks is one of the best artists out there right now.

That though is not the story here. During the storm, lines of fans waited outside in all of it. As much as I would like to say it was pure stupidity, I must also realize that it is dedication. A line of hundreds waited in all of the chaos of the storm, putting their lives at risk to see a country music performer. Of course, some other performers, fans may do this, but certainly not many. This type of thing happens for just about every country music artist that is successful.

Country music fans will do just about anything, within morals that country music fans have and legality, to see and support country music's artists and events.