How much longer for Strait?

Friday, July 01, 2005

33 albums down, how many more to go? Strait just keeps
going and going. Album after album.

The 32nd album sounded like the last one for him, just by
the tone of the album and some of the songs on it. Plus,
the release of the 50 #1 Hits album. Sounded like a nice
close to a long career. Now, #33 is out and is full of
more Strait perfection.

I certainly hope he continues to produce records, but I
have a feeling, that the near future he will retire from
the recording business. I do know when he does, it will
be simple. Maybe a fan appreciation tour to say goodbye,
but not bif fanfare around the event. A Simple thank you,
like at the end of his concerts.

I thought the same after the 32nd album, and now the 33rd,
and I'm sure before we know it, #34 will be in the works.

I sure hope so.