Detroit's display of pride

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tonight while I was enjoying the Major League Baseball All-Star game, I noticed something totally outside of the the baseball flair, the stats, the players, and everything going on with the game. I noticed the pride of the host city, Detroit, Michigan, of their music (specifically the Motown Sound, but also their visitors bureau takes credit for techo music as well.)

I noticed that taking that great pride in their music and being certain it was promoted in the coverage of the game really brought my attention to the music. In relation to country music, I think this is one of the numerous reasons of the success of the country music genre. Any chance Nashville, TN has to be in the spotlight for special events with national exposure, they take every moment they can to promote their pride of being the home of country.

Detroit got my attention tonight, though briefly of course. It allowed me to remember the Motown Sound and how good the music is. If it did this for me, it probably did it for many others as well. It had an impact, even though it was brief with a small piece with Smokey Robinson and Brain McKnight singing the National Anthem.

Detroit should be applauded for being sure that their pride in the music was a part of the presentation of the ballgame tonight. Even if they didn't think about it much or didn't play a part in the decision, they should be. I just don't know what kind of influence they have on the production.

It is also a great reminder to other cities, especially country of course, to be sure that their pride is on display when the time arises for their city to be in the spotlight.

By the way, Detroit also is the home of the 2006 Super Bowl, so I am sure we will see more of this pride on display this winter.