Saturday, February 05, 2005

On Tuesday, Lee Ann Womack will release her newest album, "There's More Where That Came From."

The album has been talked about quiet sometime. The album was created by Womack that she would do what she wanted and just enjoy making an album for herself. Kenny Chesney also released an album last week with the same thought in mind.

Both albums are amazing. They are filled with so much life and feeling. The "fun" they had can truly be heard in the music. The listeners can really hear passion when it is a its strong point.

Just maybe this will become the industry standard. What a thought.. do what you enjoy and not try to please every chart, radio station, and listener market. My thought is if you do what you love, it allows you to give it your all. Then, the rest is history... the listeners will love it, some won't of course. Then again, some don't like what you do when you be sure the sound is "radio friendly."

If all the artists would do this, well, then radio has two choices. They can either play what the artists put out or they can allow their listeners enjoy white noise of nothing being played. These two albums though should be an example. Kenny Chesney's newest release went straight up the charts to #1. Womack will probably do about the same thing this coming week. Both albums have already had had huge single success with just one song from them released. That should tell the artists, radio, and everyone else one thing:

The artists should make music from the heart, only. Radio, love it or leave it. The fans.. be yourself as well and love what you love, and leave what you dont. Music is based so much on personality of a person. There is going to be plenty you will love and hate. Nothing against the artist, but it just doesn't fit your style and liking.