Thursday, March 17, 2005 News: "Volunteers Wanted for 2005 CMT Music Awards Mosh Pit
Wed. March 16.2005 6:44 PM EST

Seats for the 2005 CMT Music Awards are almost sold out, but the show's producers are looking for volunteers who can help provide an enthusiastic audience on the main floor of Nashville's Gaylord Entertainment Center. Many of the locations in the free admission area will be in key camera shots for the April 11 awards show. Those on the floor will be required to stand throughout the entire evening without any breaks."

What??? Come on. This is amazing.

1st, mosh pit and country music do NOT go in the same sentence. 2ndly, if you want great shots of fans having fun, you create an exciting show to have fun at, not coach the crowd into having a good time and faking it. See, this is exactly the problem with the big media. They don't understand what country music is about. CMT, owned by Viacom, which also owns MTV and among many other media outlets, is trying to create a MTV persona to CMT. The only thing that a channel like MTV is like CMT... is the "T."

I haven't missed a CMT Award show in an extremely long time, even back when it was the Music City News Awards. Of course, it isn't the same show. I just may pass up watching this one. They are trying to create country music into something that it isn't supposed to be. Come on, bring country music and honor the makers of the music with awards in the tradition and respect that is deserves.