Being Appreciated

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Over the last week, I have read 2 simple "thank you" emails from members. I can't tell you the feeling I get when I read those. Even though it may be only two lines or so, thats all it takes.

My readers and visitors mean the world to me. They allow me to share my opinion and what I think, an expertise in country music community.

There 2 reasons I run this blog, website, and e-mail newsletter is to share my deep appreiation and passion for country music with others. 2nd, to promote country music by keeping the thoughts focused on country music in people's lives. Country music is more than just something to listen to. It is full of emotion, story-telling, morals, and a way of life.

If you enjoy the website, this blog, and the newsletters, remember that others may enjoy it just as much. So, be sure to tell them about Country Music Alive.