Reflections of Nashville

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Alright, as usual my daily blogging of a trip didn't work out too well. Never can can a decent connection on a hotel phone with dial-up, and certainly not going to try too many times at $.50 a try. Anyway, I have had just about a week to reflect back on the trip. It included a trip to the Hall of Fame, celebrity home tour, and 2 nights of the Opry.

I had been in Nashville in June of 2004 the last time. I could notice so much change in the City since then, and especially going this time in an off-peak tourist time. The last time was during the CMA Music Fest (Fan Fair) where Nashville comes back to its roots of a music town for the week. This time, I got to see what the city is all about these days.

Country music is not the focus of the city anymore. Music Row is still there, the Hall of Fame is still there, the Opry is still there. But the feeling I got around the city was, well, not important to them anymore. The football team and the hockey team are more important it felt. Then again, there was a football game scheduled that weekend. That's where I noticed the city's preference. The Opry, both nights, at the Rymam, I saw no police presence. No help with traffic or pedestrian control (especially with the sidewalk closed.) The football game however, even as I pulling out at 9:30am, all over the place.

Country music in Nashville certainly isn't dying, that is for sure. It is still the home of the labels and all the businesses that play a part in the industry. It is just a little harder to find it and find people that take pride in it. Maybe this is one of the many reasons country music itself is not doing as well as I think it could. Just my thoughts of course...

Beside that point, the trip was wonderful. I can't think of a better way to spend an evening than at the Grand Ole Opry. Especially in the Ryman. What an awesome feeling. Then add one of the best lineups I have ever experienced at the show performing. Jim Ed Brown, Little Jimmy Dickens, Jean Shepard, and Bill Anderson.. just to name a few. Wow, what can I possibly say about it.

I hope my pictures turn out well. They go to the developer in the morning. We will just hold our breath til then.