Country Music's Best 2007 and Predictions

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Highest impacting female of the year really is a tie. I thought about which of the two females had something above the other. I couldn't come up with it, so Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift I believe were the best of 2007. Both females really have had such a great impact on country music in the past year. Rodney Atkins by far is my pick of the best of 2007 male artists. The past year of groups really haven't excited me, however Sugarland probably has the highest impact.

In the upcoming year, I believe that CD sales were been even lower than ever, worse than this year and Internet piracy will yet again be a hot topic. There is also the XM and Sirius merger that seems to be pretty much going to be approved. This may be the biggest news story to follow in the upcoming year with how they will be even more of an impact in music.

Country music specifically I predict even more surprises from Garth Brooks. I believe this year was just a preview of whats to come, even considering his comments throughout the year. Will this be the final year or at least some indication of George Strait retiring? It just may be the year.

I also believe that this year upcoming is going to be a big one for country music as a whole. Someone, somehow is gong to make such a splash that it will be bringing country music to the forefront of some music listeners that haven't listened to country music before.

In the upcoming year, I also think it just may be the year the country radio will be in all the radio markets, the rumors have been heard, and New York City get ready for country.

Some of my wishes for the new year are that the major labels take note of what the small independent labels are doing. Let the artists have the freedom to make their music the way they know their listeners are wanting, rather what the label thinks will sell or be marketable, I bet it will make more money. Also, I hope and wish for a way that the artwork and full package of a CD can be integrated with digital downloads. I'm not talking about just adding videos or something. I hope to see a downloadable album package; all the songs on an album, artwork, lyrics, artist comments, and most of all the credits to be sure everyone that makes the CD gets their name mentioned in the creation process.

We are into 2008, lets make it a great year for country music.