Sharing Country Music Excitement

Monday, April 21, 2008

What really excites you about country music? Think about it for a moment. Is it a concert? Particular artist? A certain sound/type of country? Award shows? CMA Music Fest?

Country music is so special to so many of us, but so many fans don't seem to express their love to the music. There plenty of fans that do, but many don't, or refer to it in the since of an insider type conversation when it is talked about. Think about it, if you talk about a song, artist, or anything related to country music, when someone asks about the artist, its referred to as a "country singer" or something that refers the person to think if you aren't into country, you won't understand. Next time you are in this type of situation, think about it and refer to your conversation that may get the person involved and not as some secret society or niche interest.

Keep this in mind even more when mentioning something that excites you. Get the passion in your voice and dive on in talking about, you will be amazed how quickly a friend, co-worker, or anyone else asking will want to learn more. You could easily make a country music fan and not even know it. I know I have doing just that.

People ask me all the time what excites me about country. I dig into so many thoughts to them; the history, the artists that excite me to hear new music from, the Grand Ole Opry, the real-to-life lyrical connection, and more. After a (good) concert, there is nothing like sharing pictures and thoughts about the performances.

Its really cool to talk to people that share common interests, but try talking to someone that doesn't know much about country music and giving them a little spark to get them to look a little more into country music is awesome.

Don't forget to love and share your love of country, its always good to be reminded of this at times.

Want to share something that excites you about country with fellow fans? Jump on over to the Country Music Alive Message Board and post about it, I'd love to hear from you all!

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