Taylor Hicks Tries Country Crossover? - The Boot

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Taylor Hicks Tries Country Crossover? - The Boot

Alright. This news is exactly what I find wrong with country music these days.

Taylor Hicks couldn't make it in pop scene after his American Idol success, and currently is playing a role in a theater play of "Grease" out on the West Coast. His first album sold double platinum, which is great. But, honestly, we haven't heard much about him in a good while. He does have a new album out and a single from it has made it to #22 on the AC/Pop chart. His 15 minutes of fame should be be out of snooze button pushes. But, not so fast.

Taylor Hicks is now ready for country radio. Yes, you read that right, and you probably know good and well where I am going with this. I have a problem with this. Big time. Yes, I think he is talented, and enjoyed watching that season of American Idol because of him. That was the last season I actually paid attention to, in fact. Thinking back on his performances and his influences, I don't really think he mentioned country music that much. Influences on his music include Ray Charles, Michael McDonald, and Steve Winwood for example. Um, not really country to me. Yes, great artists, no doubt, but not country. He is from Alabama, but that doesn't mean a thing either.

So, why in the world did he think a country single was the way to go? I have no idea. His website even calls it a re-mix version going to country radio. Now, that's an oxymoron if I've ever heard it. "remix" and "country" doesn't ever make me want to listen to it. 99.9% of the time, its not going to be traditional or even pop country, nor any good to listen to for that matter.

Here is yet another example of someone that made a decision to head to country music if you can't make it in pop. Just maybe one day those decision makers will understand the true difficulty and the natural passion that the skill to be a country music artist takes. Country music is not a dumping ground, its a style of music that takes a certain level of love, skill in delivery of a story in song of real-life. Not a style that just anyone can produce well just as a genre to come into to try to make a buck. Plus, if you have made it in the top 25 on the Adult Contemporary/Pop chart, why would you want to try another genre? I think that's pretty good myself.

Under the article on "The Boot" I see comments about this being a country song to them, well, I've listened to it, and I certainly don't hear it.

I just hope that country radio wakes up and decides not to add the song to the play list, and take notice, for once, that someone that isn't country, doesn't belong on country radio. However, I have a feeling we will be hearing it in no time.

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Anonymous said...

You've got to be true to who you are. I started out country, like many others here in Bakersfield, and I keep making songs like this one, no matter what fads come and go:

Tipsy Toes
words and music by Dr BLT copyright 2009