Rascal Flatts To Perform "Bless The Broken Road" on American Idol

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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Well, Well, Well, what interesting news. A "country" band on American Idol. Well, wait a minute. That's where we are wrong. Rascal Flatts is in the country category, but not a country band. Don't believe me, listen to any of their albums. I don't hear country myself. Many others agree.

Sure, they may be talented and have some great songs. However, I would not refer to any of their music as country. They are a perfect fit for the American Idol audience and goes right to their target audience. The younger female.

Want more proof their not country? No problem at all... You don't see American Idol calling any of the real country music artists in the top 10 this week do you?

Think about it, it is great to love all music, in which I do, but give credit where credit is due to true country music artists and groups, even if it is contemporary country or the most traditional country. Rascal Flatts doesn't fit in those categories. They know it, but certainly won't admit it anytime soon.

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Anonymous said...

carrie underwood who sang with rascal flatts on american idol is probally the best country sounding person that i have ever seen on that show. what let me guess you probally like big n rich rascal flatts is more country than that crap!