Something Behind Brooks n Yearwood

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Well, look at this. It's official. Rumors for years
about "them." The questions in my e-mail now and then can
stop and the message boards now can focus on something
else. Garth and Trisha are engaged. Sure, its kinda a
big deal but not really, they have spent a lot of time
together and everyone pretty much knew it was going to

However, their is a backside story to this. Timing of the
whole proposal; I believe there is more to this than we
even know yet. Not about the actual marriage, but the
future plans for Garth Brooks.

Take a look at the last few months. A benefit
performance, followed by an appearance on the ACM Awards,
and also an appearance at the induction ceremony at the
Hall of Fame. Then last night's appearance with the
marriage proposal during the unveliing of the "Legends in
Bronze" event at the Buck Owens' Crystal Palace in
Bakersfield, CA .

All were made very public and I believe all for a
Remember the ACM award appearance? Did you notice his
reaction... the emotions could be seen in his eyes; he's
got the performance bug, bad.

Trisha Yearwood has a new single, so a new album in the
works, so the timing of this announcement is not just by
chance I don't think.

I believe that this boost is publicity is a preface, a
foreshadowing if you will, of what is to come in the very
near future. Don't be surprised one bit, and you can mark
my words, we will be seeing Garth Brooks on tour very soon
in some capacity. It may not be a world tour or some
large scale-every night of the week tour, but something is
bound to be in the works both from a tour and an album

No, no inside sources or anything like that, but just the
feeling I have. We will see in the next coming weeks and
months if this feeling is correct.