Tracy Lawrence's Greatest Hits: overdue or no?

Friday, October 28, 2005

Today it seems like greatest hits packages come out way too often, and some shouldn't even be thinking about one and have released one. A "greatest hits" is a collection of the artists "greatest" of their "hits" and not an album of hits. Other words, if you don't have over say 15 songs that can be considered "hits" these artists shouldn't even consider one. Also, what appears to be considered a "hit" these days has become very broad. Just because it's a radio single, doesn't make it a hit.

To put out a greatest hits album should be an accomplishment, indication of status, and establishment in the country music community. It should not be a routine occurrence. Other styles of music don't follow this trend, and country needs to stop. A lot of these greatest hits albums are done for

Now, there is occasionally an exception to this. Tracy Lawrence has released a greatest hits collection, finally. Sure, we have had his "Live!" album, and it is an excellent album. However, for the first time, we have a greatest hits collection from him than spans his entire career. Also, included are a few new songs, including his current single "Used to the Pain." This song is doing very well and is getting very close to being considered a true hit, and already is considered a hit by the "normal" standards.

I have been playing the new Lawrence album now for about a week and it is doing exactly what a greatest hits album should do. Bring back the memory of all the great work the artist has done over the years. Take for example, "My Second Home" or "Sticks and Stones"... what a great talent he is.

The timing of the album is perfect. It's been long enough to allow a lot of these singles become true memorable singles and a strong part of the country music community. To a lot of people, "Alibis" is one of the top country songs of the last decade, and to me, it is as well. This is how a greatest hits package should be approached and released. It is mighty nice to be able to re-visit an artist of this caliber, all on one album.