Links and Quotes on Buck Owens

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Mr. Owens performed his last show at his Dinner Theatre 'The Crystal Palace' with us Friday March 24, 2006. Although it was a quieter show than normal, Buck gave all he could as he has done several times in the last few weeks. Normally he played Don Rich's fiddle as a part of the show, Friday he did not. I knew he wouldn't be back for our show on Saturday, I told him I loved him and to go home a get well. Those were my last words to the man who has watched over me, worked beside me, laughed and joked with me and shared the one love that makes us all spark, our music. I will miss my friend dearly, but will never forget him."
--Kim McAbee-Only female member of the Buckaroos

"He wrote it with Harlan Howard," Evans told CMT Radio during an interview Monday (March 27). "Because I recorded that song, I was able to meet him and sing with him in his dressing room. But before that, I always loved Buck Owens. I grew up listening to him, of course, and had seen him on Hee Haw. He's just a legend, and it's really, really a sad loss to the world."
--Sara Evans

My friend Buck Owens was one of a kind. A larger than life music legend who reinvented country music, epitomized musicianship, and was the inspiration for countless artists including the Beatles. He loved to become friends with other musicians and loved to pass advice on to young guys like me. He was very giving of his talents and wisdom. If any good can come from his passing, I hope that it's a renewed interest in his achievements, and more importantly, his incredible "Bakersfield" sound. He deserves to be remembered as one of the most important artists in all of music history. Thank you Buck for everything. I will miss you terribly.
--Brad Paisley