Comedy and Country

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ok. I know it has been way too long since I posted last. But honestly, I couldn't really think of something to post. Writers Block is not a good thing when you run a newsletter, website, and a blog... oh well. Thankfully, I have actually have something to say. It's a bit of a lesson for you. So, guys especially, listen carefully.

Do not play Ron White's new CD while attempting to shave. Yes, this was from experience. No, I do not suggest that you try it too. You see, White's delivery ends with a great one-line punch line. He is so funny that you will attempt to laugh with shaving cream on your upper lip that will be snorted up your nostril. It isn't pleasant. Luckily I stopped laughing in time and noticed what was going on in order to prevent the closing of the nasal passage and not being able to breathe. That wouldn't have been good.

ok... ladies you can join back in with us...
Ron White is a leader among the comedic acts out there. Country music and comedy acts have a deep history together. Just think about one of country music's greatest icons... Minnie Pearl. The Opry continues to this day feature comedy acts, of country theme. Bluegrass star Mike Snider has a great sense of humor and is always sharing funny stories, Bubba T. Bechtol also makes appearances on the famous stage. Then of course there is the rest of the Blue Comedy group... Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy.

All of these artists have something in common, for the most part, aside from their country life style. Their comedy, for the most part, is clean for all ages. Sure some of it deals with topics of adult nature, but its in a mature way and not what I would call offensive. Come to think of it, just like country music. Adult themes come up for sure in songs, however, the material is not delivered in an offensive nature but rather to share a view or a experience in life.

Thank goodness for comedy, country style and country music to be able to be enjoyed by all ages.