Where is Mauritius?

Monday, January 30, 2006

Today, I have was looking through the list of my subscribers to the newsletter. I was checking out where people hear about the site and such. Also, love looking at the locations of the subscribers. I have members all over the United States of course, a few friends as members here in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Australia. I know where all these places are. Easy geography. Then well, I came across one recent addition in the country of Mauritius. That's when I had to head over to The World Fact Book to find out where exactly this place was. I found out that it is in Southern Africa, an island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Wow. This ranks right up there with the member in Crete.

I am not bragging. I am bringing this up to make a point. Country music is an international love. There are fans of the music everywhere. It is amazing that something that is thought of an such an American tradition is truly loved all over the world. It is always said that music is an international language. I agree. I have always thought of country music being fairly regional though in the vast world. The U.S., some in Canada, the UK, and Australia. However, I am learning in my 11 years of writing that this isn't the case.

It makes me so proud to be a country music fan and even more privileged to be able to spread the word of county music in my writings all over the world.

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