David Kersh Saying Goodbye

Friday, January 06, 2006

David Kersh's Letter

I've seen this item posted on several websites in their news sections. David Kersh is leaving country music. Um, I thought he already did. Sure, he did some decent stuff in the late 90's was pretty good. The last album released was in 1998. If I'm reading the calendar correctly, its 2006. 8 years. Pretty long time has gone by since that last album.

"My heart is just not in the music business anymore. I can't deal with all of the BS that goes on in this industry now. Nothing is in my control anymore and it all just makes me a miserable person."

Well, Mr. Kersh, that is the time to get out. Nothing I can think of worse to hear is an artist that doesn't have his/her heart into it. Though, I know Nashville is a nasty business to be in, but if you really want something and really believe in it, you deal with it. Kersh saying nothing is in his control is not exactly correct in my opinion. There plenty of small, independent labels out there that I gaurntee would give him the chance to make his music. So, please, don't give me that line. He is still officially signed to Curb records he said further in his letter. Heck, their tons of artists that would die for that chance just to be on a label of that magnitude. I don't care if they don't give you the control. Giving up on it isn't what I would do, no doubt.

I wonder how long exactly did it take him to get that chance to be on Curb? I wonder a lot of things about his letter that I don't exactly know the answer to. That's ok, I personally don't need to know. My question is why he decided a letter was even needed? I haven't reported or thought about his music probably since 1999 or so. Close the website, silently, and vanish into the world like so many others have. Furthermore, why has the media picked up on it? Interesting to think about.

Another side point, I certainly hope this doesn't make any flames burn out in those that do want to be given the chance. Yes, its tough. Yes, a lot of things are not in your control. Yes, you deal with it. Especially if there is a spark wanting to share your love for music with the world. I've never done it, nor have that dream to sing, but I've been told by many its worth every bit of the barriers to live out a dream.


Anonymous said...

He has a right to leave if he isn't happy. He's had major label success. You haven't, so quit complaining about how hard it is to get a major label deal. You get one and then decide if it is right for you. Good for him for deciding enough is enough and "I'm getting out on my own terms."

Anonymous said...

guys he's coming back! he has a my space page now and said he is working on a new album (good thing he stayed signed with Curb Records eh?) yes he said it himself (on myspace not to me in person I never met him but if I did wouldn't it be cool?) his passion for music is back! get ready the long awaited (for fans like me anyway) David Kersh CD is coming!!! WOOHOO!!!