A look ahead..2006

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well, what do I think we can expect from the upcoming year? I would love to say that the mainstream country music would get a lot better, a turn to a real traditional sound, and everything would be perfect. But, I am not one to dream. I am a realist.

In the new year, I do see an improvement in the country industry. I believe that a lot of truly talented artists are going to breakout of their molds and either turn to an independent label or be given more artistic freedom from their major label. Look at the success of Lee Ann Womack's past year with her traditional country album.

I believe that Big & Rich will fade away, along with the rest of their friends or "Mafia." I believe the fans of country music overall have spoken. They like their pop-country, but not something like B&R.

I also believe Craig Morgan will continue to have great success and will be accepted as an established artist, as he should be thought of.

The big thing for the upcoming year I think will be more lesser known artists getting exposure thanks to Satellite Radio and the FM/AM dial trying to keep up. A few years ago, a song like "Swinging Doors" from Joey Daniels would have never been heard on radio, even though its an excellent song. I think we will see more of that as well.

The big artists will remain big, the majority of the music will stay the same, and more of the status quo, with a few minor tweaks overall.

These are my predictions and thoughts, I guess in a year from now we will truly know. Time always tells.