FOX News Report: Kenny Chesney Isn't Gay

Monday, January 30, 2006

Last week, I was on the FOX News website looking some information up about a press conference that President Bush had. As I was scrolling around, I see in bold print "Kenny Chesney Isn't Gay." It was in their FOX 411 section, Foxlife, a part of their entertainment section.,2933,182859,00.html

Ummm.... ok. I have a couple questions. 1-Why is this something a writer thought needed to be brought up? 2-Why on FOX News' website and on its main page. 3-Does anyone care?

Sure, the rumors have been floating around and always a rumor started about someone. I know that, but come on. A major news corporation doesn't need to do a story on it that talks about some flight attendant saying that she was his lover. Who really cares? I certainly don't.

Why not do a story on the music, or lack there of of from certain artists. How about something with substance about country music. Who decided this story needed to even run? I just don't get it. I slept just the same and certainly didn't feel informed by the end of reading this mini-article.

It is amazing to me where I find information, what's next.