More on Garth

Friday, October 12, 2007

Get this:

118 minutes. 162,000 tickets sold for 9 shows. That's 1372 tickets a minute for just under an hour. Wow.

That my friends is the power of Garth Brooks.

Even better is the Nov. 14 show is going to be shown live in movie theaters all over the country so all of us can be apart of this experience, indirectly at least.

This ties Garth's record for the most tickets sold in a single city in the U.S.

That's the news... but what I find most interesting is his comments posted on his website/press release:

"For the first time in my life I'm speechless" -- Garth Brooks

Well, I am not speechless, of course. I don't believe that Garth truly understands what a true master of all aspects of musical entertainment he holds. A master of talented musical performances, a certain aura of magic he carries within his words, his role-model family and life morals, a true carried out portal of dedication to his massive fan base, and his ability to make intelligent business decisions (especially in marketing.)

Mr. Brooks, if you are speechless on this most recent showcase of his demand, see what you have to say when you do it again and again. You see, you could. Pick any large city, small city, town, or even some remote intersection in the middle of nowhere USA... the same result would occur.

From what I have read, this apparently was to be the Wal-Mart appreciation concert that ended up being opened to the public and was to be only 1 show. He ended up with 9 shows in Kansas City. This tells me that Garth still has that spark, that driving desire to be on stage and this energy isn't going to fade, rather my guess it will take Garth to other towns across the country...

We will just see what life has in store for us next