I'm Back

Friday, October 12, 2007

After a very relaxing vacation and a little time of going through hundreds of e-mails, I am now caught up and ready to get back into posting the blog.

It was only about a 11 days being gone and out of touch. Driving back, listening to some FM radio, since I didn't have my XM with me, it didn't matter what station I was listening to, I felt like it was the same channel. Same sound, same songs, and even the same background singers on some of the station identification fillers. Whatever happened to local radio, having your own identity and feel to the station? I guess that is gone in this world of big business.

Also, I heard a little news bit that Garth announced a concert in Kansas City. Too bad it wasn't a bit closer to Richmond, VA. However, may be just as well that the show was far away because I would've really been beyond mad that I missed a chance to see Garth again. More on that topic in my next post.

Other than that, it doesn't seem like I missed too much while I was gone in the grand scheme of things, except for a few administrative e-mails for some upcoming reviews and features for the website.

Good news, I just in the last few minutes renewed my hosting and domain information for the next 12 months. Always a good feeling to pay that bill and excites me to know I have another year renewed to continue to grow the website. No telling what creative spark that will create for the site.