Contacting Country Music Alive and Vacation Notice

Friday, September 28, 2007

Hi there everyone,

If you look at the comment left on the previous post, someone found it difficult to get in contact with me, well, I did not notice my e-mail address wasn't on my blog template. I have taken care of that now for you all. On the right side, you will see the link to e-mail me.

On my website, you will also find other contact information for publicity representatives to contact me.

I do not actually type my e-mail address out on any of my web pages or blog, rather I use an ecrypted mailto link to prevent spam. It really helps out a lot with that issue. I had a major problem with my previous e-mail address.

I love to hear from you all through e-mail and try to respond to every single e-mail that is sent to me. So, please if you have something to share, whether just saying hi, a suggestion, or want to discuss something in more detail, I am always excited to read it.

With that said, now, this NOTICE:

I will be on vacation beginning tomorrow morning through October 9th. So, there will be no blog updates until after I return. Since I will be on a cruise, I will have extremely limited, if any, access to e-mail/Internet.

Until next time, keep it country and...

As Always, Keeping Country Music Alive!
Kirk Fitzgerald