Teddy Thomspon Covers Country

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Numerous albums come across my desk in a month. Some are albums I request, some I have no idea who they are nor why I received them, and some I get contacted first and ask if I would be interested in taking a listen. The latter happened with Teddy Thompson's newest album "Up Front and Down Low."

Country music fans won't know the artist, he is a folk-pop rock artist from the UK. His new album though is a collection of cover country music country music songs. Some well known classics and some lesser known songs from the classic artists. It is an amazing listen. (review)

This album also brings up a few thoughts in my head that I believe is important. 1-the classic artists will never be forgotten by the true music lovers, regardless of what style of music you enjoy. 2-country music classics have influences in so many types of music.

Thompson's album is his own interpretation of the songs he covers. He wasn't "trying" to sound like the artists or just re-sing them. You can hear in his delivery that he takes extreme influence from the artists and evolved the music into his own style.

There many talented artists in all sounds of music that bring influences from country music and it is just one more way that country is one of the most important and popular styles of music in the world.

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mimi said...

I saw Teddy Thompson on David Letterman a few weeks ago. I really like his music.