Sara Evans Divorce in The News: Overstepping Boundaries

Sunday, September 09, 2007,2933,296184,00.html

Well, well, well, as I was reading the news, or should I sat wading through all the non-news stories and randomness to find the news, I ran across this article on the front page of the FOX News website. The title reads "Husband Asks Country Star Sara Evans to Admit Affairs."

Yes, here we go again. A "news" article that goes just a little too far into the private lives of the artists. The article talks about a legal filing of 118 pages that apparently includes a list of questions that deal with whether Evans had sexual relationships with other specific celebrities/music artists.

Now, this information may be important to the case, but personally, I do not think it has any business being in the newspaper (where FOX News got some of the information from.) Yes, celebrities are in the spotlight and we should have some insight into their lives, I understand the interest. I do not understand, however, the media and their decisions in making private and domestic matters public, even if they are in legal documents that are of public record. Divorce situations are tough and get very nasty, especially when big money is apart of the equation. All of that should be left out of the media.

On my website when reporting news, I will report "...have filled for divorce" or somehting like that, and I believe thats all we should be told and should report in the media. The details, fights, blaming, and all the rest that goes with the divorce process should be between the families, and no one else.