UMG Moving From Music Row: A Big Deal?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Well, once again, I was reading the new on the Tennessean's website (which I seem to read more than my own city's newspaper that is in the front yard,) and I learn that Universal Music Group is moving their offices from Nashville's Music Row to the new Suntrust Building, located near The Ryman.

In most cases, a story about a company moving their offices around within the same city isn't too much of a story. This though is a big story to the country music community.

Why you might ask?

Well, Music Row is an area of Nashville, TN, in the southwest section of the city. This area is packed with small house style buildings, small offices, and large buildings that house publishing companies, video publishing companies, recording studios, small record labels, and currently 3 of the major labels (Universal, Sony/BMG, and Warner Brothers.) For a country music, this is where it all begins. Pretty much 16th and 17th Avenues, a few blocks each way, makes up this special area.

Capitol Nashville is a few blocks away from the Music Row area, as well as Lyric Street. Universal Music Group will be making the move in December, leaving 2 major labels in the area. What is the big deal? They need need the office space, it will save the company money,and there is more parking available. Its not like they have totally left Nashville. They are moving less than 2 miles away. Yes, Music Row is special. Yes, it would be an issue if every business moved out of the area. But, just because one business made a decision based on financial smarts doesn't mean there is a dying Music Row area. In fact, I believe it possibly could be a good thing. Here is a chance for more businesses to come into Music Row. Also, If this move helps profits of universal, well, yet another positive action on the industry. Again, its not like their focus has turned from Nashville at all, they are still in town.

One other thing, location is not as much as a factor in today's fast moving- technological world. I don't even live in Nashville, and I get my information just as fast than someone in Music Row thanks to e-mail, fax, phone, Internet applications, MP3s, digital photography, and cell phones.