Jessica Simpson to Country?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

So, I've seen the reports that Jessica Simpson is going to do a country album... great. Um excuse me, I have to ask a question. Why??

Well, lets back up a little bit. At very first read of the headline, I had 2 immediate thoughts. 1> no way is this going to be good and 2> here comes another pop star that isn't having success to try to make some money in country.

Then, I read the article(s) and my mind changed a bit. Yes, I know you are suprised.

There a bunch of comments about being from Texas, well, that wasn't what changed my mind. Lots of people live in Texas and have no interest in country music nor creating it. But, there was one comment her father said about she being a singer and pop music has moved away from the focus on a singer. That hooked me a little, however, what really grabbed my attention was his comment about country music is the only storytelling genre left.

Now, here is someone that understands country music, and sure hope that his daughter understands the storrytelling part of country and will live up to it.

The first question, why?, well of course I dont know the actual answer, but it will sure be interesting to see what comes of it.