The Eagles on CMA Awards?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Uhoh. The CMA announced this morning The Eagles will be appearing on the CMA Awards this year.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Ok. Do I like The Eagles? Yes. Are they some how connected to country? Well, indirectly. They have an appeal to country music fans like southern rock does to country music fans. They have a lot of fans that are also country music fans. Even though they may have a country music related sound, they are a rock group. They are a very good rock group, and amazing in concert, I must say.

Do they belong on the CMA Awards?

The CMA press release this morning talks about their new single being on the charts (top 25 on Aircheck) and a new album coming. Also, talks about how since the 70's they have been an influence on country music.

Ok, sure they have had great influence, but they aren't a country music band. My biggest thing though is this. There so many country music artists and so little valuable time on the award show to showcase the music from the past year and the artists. I think there is so many more artists that should be using that time than The Eagles.

We only have a few artists announced so far, but I have a feeling we are going to see some names missing from the performance list that should be taking their spot.

We will see as time goes on...


Anonymous said...

The Eagles wer amazing in their performance tonight. Wow! One of the best live performances I have ever heard. It was perfect. They are so talented and have stood the test of time!

Anonymous said...

I just saw them in concert. Amazing is all I can say. I'm really glad they are going to perform at the CMA awards because now I will watch it.