Chris Cagle Pushes Taylor Swift From #1, time for a new album?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Wow, well, someone had to do it, Taylor Swift relinquishes her #1 Country Album spot this week to Chris Cagle's new CD (Check out the front page of the website by the way for a little message from Cagle.)

According to, Cagle sold 36,000 to Swift's 33,000. Cagle's album debuts as Swift's album has been out for 70 weeks. October 24, 2006 the self titled album was releases. About a year later, the same album was re-released as deluxe edition with a DVD.

Isn't time for a new album? I understand the business side of this equation; the album is still selling beyond belief and all, but, the legends of our music wouldn't have wait this long to put albums out, no matter how well an album did. Some would put albums out twice a year, or more. Bill Anderson in the 60-70's released 2 0r 3 a year. Countless others I could show the same pattern. Alan Jackson releases one a year on average, including one tomorrow (last studio album from him was September 2006 then the Jackson/Strait/Buffett live album in April of 2007.)

Personally though, wouldn't a business model show that 2 albums is better than 1? For example, have 1 that is still selling like crazy and then have a 2nd album that fans can go pickup as well and sell very well. She very easily could hold #1 and #2 spots.

Her sales average around 34,000 a week (58 weeks it went double platinum [34,00 multiplied by 58=1972000.) So there hundreds of thousands that own the album, I believe there is a market out there that is wanting something new. Couple reasons-- the die hard Taylor Swift fans need something new to hear and the listeners that enjoy her music want to see what else she can do and what talent she has.

My big question is she able to become an established artist or is this one album going to be her career. I hope sooner than later, we will find out.

I expect Alan Jackson will take the top spot next week, and slip Swift to #3, I guess we will see...