XM Radio: Strait Country Channel 17

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Now, if you have followed me for any amount of time, you know I'm a huge fan of XM Radio. Not only do I believe they have the best country music selection. Many other great features including The Grand Ole Opry, on Tuesday's XM Exclusive (Channel 2) carries special shows for country music fans, and their overall programming displays they really know (and care about) country music.

Here is yet another example of XM's power and what a satellite radio service can do that terrestrial radio can not.

Beginning midnght April 1, XM Channel 17 (U.S. Country which programs country music from the 80's and 90's) will become Strait Country for 2 months. The new, limited-run channel, "Strait Country", will feature songs from Strait's vast audio catalog, XM-exclusive interviews with the artist's friends and some of his closest colleagues, as well as other original XM programming that celebrates the musical contributions of "King George." In addition, the channel will showcase Strait's newest album, Troubadour that will be released April 1, by highlighting tracks off the new release every hour.

"Strait Country" will be available from April 1 through May 31 on XM channel 17. The channel will also be available on XM Radio Online (http://xmro.xmradio.com/). Complete programming information for the channel will be available online at http://www.xmradio.com/straitcountry.

Now, this really states my case for XM radio. FM/AM radio can't do this. Sure, they could play one song or something an hour or do some type of theme, but XM can because if you don't feel like listening to Strait at that moment (which I don't think I could ever feel like that,) you can switch to Channel 16 for the hits of today, Channel 13 for Willie's Palce for traditional country, Channel 10 for classic country, or channel 161 for a direct feed of WSIX-FM from Nashville.

Beginning April 1, we will be in for a real treat. Hopefully if you aren't already a XM fan, this will give you a little push to find out more about what you are missing. If you are already a XM listener, well, I'm sure the unit will be parked on 17.


Anonymous said...

I love this channel. I thought I was in heaven when I stumbled upon it. George Strait has always been my favorite singer.

Keesha said...

This channel is the best ever! George is the King of Country and he should have his very own channel. I hope and pray XM will permanently keep this channel STRAIT COUNTRY! It is a little piece of heaven. Every day, all day George Strait, what more could any country lover want? I know I need to hear this amazing voice every day! Thanks George and XM!

Anonymous said...

Why does it have to end May 31?

Bring George back full time

Anonymous said...

I am having GEORGE STRAIT withdrawals in my car! I loved listening to Channel 17 while on my way to work (which by the way is a 30 minute drive!). Now I must go back to listening to my CDs. Bring George BACK PLEASE!!!!!!