Country Music Alive Blog Changes in 2009

Friday, December 26, 2008

Some new features will be beginning in 2009 on this blog for you to look forward to.

My focus in the latter portion of the past year has been on the blog, and that is because I notice the level of traffic here is more busy than the actual website. Also, the blog is more focused in what visitors are searching for. So, a lot of the information that would normally be published to the website only will now be featured on a regular basis to the blog (here.) I have learned that the blog is the best way to share information with country music fans, rather than publishing on the website.

With that said, the website will still be live and running. However, it will be re-designed in the first weeks of 2009. A few features will be moved, removed, etc.

Of course, the schedule and features I am about to discuss will be subject to change due to my work schedule and other things ongoing in my life, but I am going to be trying my best to keep a more routine posting schedule. Even more so than what you have seen in the last months of 2008. I do already know that March will be limited on what you will see on the blog. Some of the new features can be loaded into the system early and then released on a time that I set, so a lot of the regular features will be posted even if I am not actually available to the computer on that day to publish it then.

Some of the features will start immediately, some will be rolled out through the year. Some will be weekly, some occasional features, just whatever seems to fit the blog.

New Features in 2009:

Visitor/Reader Response and Feedback
This feature I hope will be very useful and I'm very excited about it. At least once a week, I will look at some of the search terms that had people come to the blog and if it appears they didn't find the information they were looking for, I will respond to their search. Also, I will be answering an questions that I receive in e-mail that may be of interest to others. So, if you search for something through a search engine, and you arrive on my blog, return back and the answer you were looking for, and may have not been able to exactly find what you were searching, just may be answered.

CMA Close-Up Articles
Each week, The Country Music Association releases an article that is published for distribution free of charge to those that wish to use it. Each and everyone of these articles are very interesting and informative. In the past, I have published them on the website. Now, I will be featuring them every week on the blog. You may already see these articles on other websites and blogs, however, I believe that they should be published in as many places possible so that everyone can enjoy them.

More Album Reviews
Hopefully, every week there will be at least one album review. It may be a brand new release or it may be an album from many years ago.

Album Release Dates
This is the most popular feature on the website, and now it will come to the blog. I compile the list myself, and then check other resources online to ensure it is the most comprehensive anywhere. Each week, the list for the upcoming week will be published on the blog, and mentions of any new updates to the list will be mentioned. You will be provided with links to pre-order for the upcoming week right from the website.

Country Music Alive Combined Country Music Chart
A lot of my readers seem to really enjoy chart information. So, a feature of Country Music Alive is returning. Once a week, the Country Music Alive Combined Country Chart is returning. Basically, the chart averages in all the different charts that can be found into one list.

Country Music Alive's Picks of the Week
A listing of albums or songs that have peaked my interest in the past week. It could be new or old... whatever is in my player that week makes the list of suggested listens for you

Continued Commentary
What you are accustomed to from the blog will remain. Commentary and remarks on news and issues in the country music world. Nothing will be changed from what you find here now, only enhancements and more regular posts.

Special Series
There may be special series of articles posted during the year as well. Articles relating to a certain topic in county music, event, or well, who knows what may be of topic in a series of several posts.

I hope that 2009 will be the most exciting and information-packed year for the blog ever. I hope you will go ahead and tell your country music loving friends, family, and co-workers about the upcoming changes to Country Music Alive and can't wait for your continued support in the upcoming year...