Country Music Christmas Gift List

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is getting so very close. Do you have your Christmas gifts for your country music fan yet? It's a bit hard huh? You probably know that single CDs aren't the best gift, because you never know what they have already or will buy between now and Christmas. Gift cards are decent ideas, but still sometimes you want to give more than a gift card... so, I am here to help you out for sure. There several books and country music related gifts out there...

Now, if you do want to go with the gift certificate, I have a few suggestions. gift certificates can be great because they offer anything they can imagine. They offer MP3 downloads that are DRM-free, meaning they do have the copyright limitations that songs from I-Tunes has. So, they will play anywhere and don't have to worry about having multiple copies or not being able to burn them. I-Tunes gift cards are also nice, especially if they own an I-Pod. Another cool idea is a Ticketmaster gift card! That would help the country music fan a lot on buying concert tickets anytime during the year. On the right, you will find links to all the above websites to order those.

If you are wanting a great DVD collection, the HeeHaw DVD set from Time Life is an amazing gift. Time Life offers so many great collections that would bring a smile on the face of a country music fan. Links to Tim Life are also on the right.

Here are a few selections that would be great for the country music fan!

Country Music Trivia Board Game
This is really fun. This is a board game that has tons of trivia questions that even if you don't play the actual game, a country music fan would love to look through the questions and answers. ($19.95 from the link above to

The Encyclopedia of Country Music: The Ultimate Guide to the Music
This is a must own resource for any country music fan. Its huge and includes so much information, they will be in awe. I own the hardback version of the book, and you can imagine, I use it routinely. ($26.37 from the link above to

Country Music Trivia: Country Music Hall of Fame
Here is a fun little book of trivia that still keeps me entertained. The trivia is written almost in test form. You can guess the answers, then look them up in the back. A great little book. ($0.07 from the link above to

Born Country: How Faith, Family, and Music Brought Me Home by Randy Owen
This book I reviewed back in November and would be a great gift for the fan of Alabama. A enjoyable read that gives a great insight into the lead singer Randy Owen's life. ($17.13 from the link above to

Pioneer GEX-INNO2BK Inno 2 Portable XM Satellite Radio with MP3 Capability
I own this unit. XM Radio is the ultimate way of enjoying country music. This specific receiver is unique because it has a MP3 player built in as well. It also can record songs from XM. It is one of the best units I've ever owned for XM. Before buying, keep in mind, there is a subscription fee for service of $12.95/month. So, may want to check with them before buying. ($114.99 from the link above from $12.95/month XM subscription required)

Hank Williams Sr. "The Unreleased Recordings" Box Set
I know, I said stay away from CDs, well, this particular box set just came out in late October. It is a 3 CD box set of recordings from Hank Williams Sr. It is fully authorized by his estate and the sex comes in a really nice 39 page book. If they have any interest in country music, especially classic country, this is a must own. It may be for the older fan, rather than a teenager. ($28.99 from the link above to

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum: 2009 Wall Calendar
I am adding this to my wish list. Its a wall calendar that is full of country music dates and such, along with artist photos at the top. Really cool idea for a gift that will be used all year. Heck, you will have an idea for next year too! ($12.59 from the link above to offers free shipping of orders of $25 or more. You must order by Wednesday December 17th for Christmas delivery. Standard shipping cut-off is December 18th. Monday December 22 at 3pm PST is cut-off for 2 day shipping. One day shipping cut-off is December 23 at 3pm PST.


Laura Ortberg said...

If you want to read some more of Randy Owen's book, 'Born Country,' online for free, just copy/paste this URL:

and enjoy!

Laura Ortberg
Assistant Publicist, HarperOne

Anonymous said...

How about the secret of giving, as a gift to all the work Reba McEntire has done for her fans. Great gift as well.