George Strait New Album "Twang"

Monday, August 10, 2009

Are you ready? Yes... George Strait has another album ready for release tomorrow August 11, 2009. "Twang" includes “Living For The Night,” the first single from the albumhit the Top 15 mark in just three weeks making it one of the fastest rising singles of his career. This is Strait's 38th album, yes, you read that right, 38 Strait albums.

Each and every Strait album is special, any country music fan knows that. This one, however, just may be a bit more special than the rest to Strait and his fans. This is the first time since Strait's sophmore release that he has written a song on the album. Furthermore, his son, Bubba Strait, has co-written "Living For The Night" and "He’s Got That Something Special" with George Strait and Dean Dillon, "Out Of Sight Out Of Mind" co-written by the father/son pair exclusively. Bubba also has solo writing credit on one song, "Arkansas Dave." That has to be one proud father... having his son write a song for one of his albums. Not only a country album, but a on a Strait album that requires such a high-class penmenship to make it.

Other notable writers on the album include Jim Lauderdale, Sherrie Austin, Blaine Larsen, Delbert McClinton , among many others. I've heard it more than once, writing credit on a Strait album is one of the highest honors a songwriter can have.

Looking through the linear notes, there is even one song fully in Spanish titled "El Ray."

George Strait's 38th album, "Twang," hits stores and available for download tomorrow, August 11, 2009.