Don't Forget Your Older Country Music

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Every Tuesday, there is new music hitting the store shelves. Very rarely does a Tuesday come and go without a new album from a country artist. Most of the time its 3-4 new titles to get excited about.

At the quick pace albums are released, due to the vast number of artists, rather than the quality artists releasing music on a rapid pace,(That's for another post one day,) you can easily forget about your older music. Now, I am not talking about going out and purchasing older music; I am talking about the music you already own.

Into today's modern age of technology, the access to your older music is available to you at your fingertip... literally. I mean think about it. Take that I-Pod and move the dial and you just may discover something you haven't listened to in awhile.

I sure did.

Oh, and I'm not just talking about that older hit song you like and that everyone listens to either. I'm talking about those artists and albums that you won't hear right off the radio.

You see, night before last, I was working on a cleaning project. I decided to turn the I-Pod on and see what I could find, rather than putting on one of newest albums. I found Jeff Wood's 1997 release "Between the Earth and the Stars." I don't believe you will be able to purchase this one at a retailer any longer, but wow... what an album ("You Just Get One" charted #44, "Use Mine" charted #55, and "You Call That A Mountain" charted #63.) It was an odd feeling. The album felt like I hadn't heard it, but yet, I new all the words to the songs. Once the 2nd song began, it was a great feeling.

I bet you have an album that you can remember that was your favorite for the longest time, but it was replaced in your routines of listening. It may be one of today's established artists or it could be a one-hit wonder, or heck, someone that never even charted.

So, give it a try, pull out that older CD or take the thumb to the wheel of the I-Pod and see what you can find. I'd love to hear your story.

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Trekamerikalover said...

I always put the Ipod on random play. I sometimes even have to look at the screen to see whom is singing. I've had some nice surprises pop in there too. My library is not that big either in numbers or in 'older artist'. I do have a country collection of way back when on vinyl I need to digitize one of these days though.