CMA Awards: The Winners

Friday, November 12, 2004

Iregardless of how I actually voted for the awards, overall, I was happy with the results. There is always one or two that I don't agree with each year. This year it was two.

Before I get to those two, lets look at the ones I agreed with or can see why they won that I have heard a little of disappointment in. Entertainer of the Year Kenny Chensey deserves his award; his tour this year was creative, fun, and did incredible in sales. His album sold very well and still is. Also, Chesney's overall persona is an ideal spokesperson for the CMA. I think this may be the reason in the long run that the members voted for him. I also think this may be the reason Toby Keith missed out on it.

Male vocalist also has been a topic of discussion. Keith Urban deserves it I believe. He has been everywhere this past year. Your turn on CMT, GAC, look at his tour schedule, and most look at the charts. He has had huge success from his album "Golden Road, and that sucess has been consistent. The album came out Oct. 8, 2002. It was certified double platinum this past June and still is getting airplay. His newest album, "Be Here" has gone platnium in 6 weeks. His international success also plays apart in it I believe.

Now the two I wasn't happy about:

Female Vocalist. Yes, Martina is a big success, a voice like no other, and one of country music's most loved artists. However, I believe this year was Sara Evans' year. She has gained incredible star status this tear with singles like "Suds in the Bucket", "Perfect", and has been all over magazines, television, and radio this year (both on country and non-country places.)

Vocal Duo. Again, Brooks & Dunn are talented. This year though, let's face it hasnt been their best year. An album that has done fairly well and an overall low-key presence, with the exception of Kix Brooks as President of the CMA. Montgomery Gentry has exploded this year. Great songs, incredible album, and such a fun duo for the fans. They have done so much for country music and its fans by bringing in new fans due to their rock edge to their traditional country sound. They also have done a lot of work for the troops. These guys deserved this award this year.

Next, we will take a look at the performances from the artists during the show.