One Website To Stay Away From

Friday, November 19, 2004

you know, I love telling people about great sites to visit and love helping people out with their web experience.

This is one time, I am going to suggest one to stay away from. STAY AWAY.

Sure it has a good listing of lyrics. However, it is full of spyware and hidden downloads. I visited the site once a few months back and crashed my computer. I didnt know what caused it until today. I visited the site again tonight and noticed that it was downloading something. It downloaded a search bar which I cant stand, a rebate assistant of some kind, and at least 3 auto pop-up programs. Not pop-ups, but programs that generate pop-ups even just being connected to the net.

If you want lyrics dont visit this site, rather visit one of these:

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Mike of the North said...

Download spysweeper by webroot it's a free thirty day trail and it works great. IE on my home computer had quit wrking completely and the Klunky MSN browser that did work had slowed to a crawl. Used spysweeper and now everything is hunky dory.
p.s. none of the artists listed on the following post (about the calendar) are country they're pop. jus' an ol' hick's opinion ;)