Long Time No Post, whoops!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I hadn't realized until I was laying in bed watching a panel discussion that included a mention of weblogs on C-SPAN that it has been forever (any the web-world anyway) since I have posted.

Also, I can't believe it is already the 18th of November. Where is time going. Life has become so fast paced that it is hard to believe the date on the calendar when you see it. However, a fast paced life can be good in some ways. This is a good thing when it comes to my life and Country Music Alive.

I stay so busy because Country Music Alive is a one man operation. I do it all. From this blog, to the website, to the newsletter writings, to the reviews, to everything else that comes under the header of "Country Music Alive" is me. Some people always ask, why don't I get people to help me. Well, its a good question. I think it has to do with my passion for this service I provide. I get so much gratitude from my readers and visitors that I want to be sure what I provide is exactly the way I want it. Not that I don't value other opinions and ways of doing things, but I enjoy the control and knowing that every new member, every reader, every visitor to my site is my work and thought. It gives my site a bit of an edge to it among the other sites like mine. However, I have yet to find another service quiet like Country Music Alive.

I do value opinions of my readers and visitors. I whole-heartly support their point of view and opinions. That is the reason the MSN Group exsists. If you visit the group, you will notice I don't post much...then again it is a fairly slow board in the first place. The reason I don't is because that is a place for my members, visitors, and readers to have their say. I get mine about every 9 days when the newsletter is published or what appears on the website. The board is for people just like you to have your voice heard.

I do stay very busy from reading countless e-mails, press releases, websites, member comments, listening to many albums and keeping current on what's new, hot or not, and writing and preparing the information you get presented to you. I think everyone of you would be amazed how much time and planning of that time it takes to provide the service.

And you know what....

I love every single second of it.

As Always, Keeping Country Music Alive,
Kirk Fitzgerald