XM Radio - America to air Fan Fair

Sunday, June 05, 2005

XM Radio - America

Fan Fair, CMA Music Fest, week is upon us. As an XM subscriber, I am so happy that they are covering some of the events including a couple fan club parties and performances from the Country Music Hall of Fame.

XM satellite radio is most definitely dedicated to country music. They understand country fans and do a real good job at bringing the listeners a nice balance over the 5 channels that are country music related. This balance is also shown in the CMA Music Fest choices to air. Of course most of the performances are new country artists, since that is a focus of the event, but they also have performances from some of the older/ more traditional artists.

This upcoming week will be a real treat for the fans of country that isn't going to the CMA Music Fest this year to get just a little taste of what all goes on.