"The" Annulment

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Goodness gracious, Has it been reported enough already?

Have you tried to read about the whole Chesney and Zellweger story? Well, if you have, you have noticed its the same story over and over, just reprinted. At least I took the time in my report on it in my newsletter to do a little research and give my readers the definition of fraud.

Also, it should have been a short and sweet type deal. Not being blown out into every media market and make to be some story of the century, in which by about Tuesday, will be old news and will be treated like it should.

They have asked for privacy, and I respect that issue, however, there is a lot of fans of both parties involved and its human nature to want to know more. I feel, in due time, we will know more and the story will be told. For now, its time for everyone to chill out.