Gretchen Wilson: Personally Energizing!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Engergizing. That is the best word to describe the feeling pumping through my body tonight after seeing Gretchen Wilson. The full review will be posted soon to the website and it will probably get a run in the newsletter, however, I wanted to share a more of a "personal" experience with you, rather than the "proffesional."

Tonight I truly understood Gretchen Wilson's connection with her biggest fans. I have loved her music, talent, and persona since day one. I couldn't wait for the new album that hit stores to come out. However, tonight, I got to see first hand wait her relationship is with her "target fan base." (middle 20's southern living mother with a young daughter) One row in front of me was an example of just that. It hit home on so many levels.

For mother and daughter, tonight seemed like a esacpe to paradise for 2 hours from the day to day life. I don't know her life story, but I'm sure there is one that an escape was much enjoyed and most of all deserved. Daughter with matching beautiful brownn hair and big eyes just like her Mom, so happy seeing Mom have a good time and loving the attention from Mom as she helped her little hands happily swaying in the air.

Mom singing along with just about every song , a feeling of living Gretchen's world, even just a enough of it to make the connection, could be seen in her eyes. Daughter joining in with Mom on every word of "Redneck Woman." Something I won't forget anytime soon, that is for sure.

Gretchen Wilson is more than a singer. She has become a positive role model for so very many in that you can have your dreams come true when you put your mind to it, give it a try, and create the lifestyle you wish. The talent in amazing vocals, great song selection to carry her message, and stage presence certainly helps to deliver the message, but that's not all she is about.

I've read about it, heard about it, and knew exsisted, but tonight, I saw it. Seeing this, pushed my energy level to a new level for country music and life in general.

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