Nashville's Radio Ratings

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Arbitron ratings are in for the #44 market in the US, Nashville, TN. Want to take a guess at what radio format is #1 in Nashville, the home of country music?

Talk? Sports? Nope, take another guess.
Pop? Nope. Sorry.
Country? Nope.

Try Urban. No, we aren't talking Keith Urban either. Scary huh? The city that takes great pride in its country music doesn't have the radio market. Shouldn't that wake up the people that work in the country music industry that work in Nashville there may be a problem? Well, they would notice if people that create the music actually liked the music in the first place.

The home of the Grand Ole Opry.... 8th. Sadly.

#1 WUBT Urban
#2 WCJK Adult Hits
#3 WRQQ Oldies
#4 WRVW Top 40
#5 WJXA Adult Contemporary
#6 WSIX Country
#7 WNRQ Classic Rock
#8 WSM Country
#9 WQQK Urban Adult Contemp.
#10 WKDF Country