"20 You Should Know: Country"

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Checking through the news, I found the above article in The Columbus Dispatch. Its titled "20 You Should Know: Country" by Gary Budzak posted Sunday July 29, 2007.

Looking at his list, Budzak certainly has done his homework. I agree with the list overall, but I do believe there is one hole there. Garth Brooks. However, when trying to set a time-line, which the writer did very well, it is certainly pretty hard to remove any of the songs mentioned in the article to make room for Brooks. Plus, 20 songs is a real short list to fill in on this topic.

I have got to say, writing this article had to be pretty darn close to impossible. Out of all the songs in country music, creating a list of only 20 like this, well, let me just say that I am not sure I could do it. Too many possibilities, too many important songs and history behind them. My hat is off to him to decide on 20 like that, my list would be edited over and over. Newspaper writers on are on deadlines all the time, and if I was in his shoes, I'd never make that deadline.

So, back to my editing, ever so slightly of the list... I would remove "Momma, He's Crazy" by The Judds and add something from Brooks. Yes, The Judds are influential and a great representation of country music, but Brooks set up the theme and sound of country music from his start in 1989.

Now, here I go with trying to decide what song by him to add to the list. After a few thoughts and edits of this paragraph "Friends In Low Places" I think should replace The Judds.

What do you think? Is the list missing something that would be on your list? Then, what would you take off? Add your comments as well.