Tracy Lawrence "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" Video

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Watch Video

If you have followed my writings through the years, you probably know I am not a huge fan of videos. However, here and there, I do find one that really catches my attention. For example, some of Brad Paisley's videos and such.

The new video for "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" is my current example of videos I enjoy. Why? Well, couple of reasons. First and foremost, the song is one of the best songs out there right now. Amazingly lyrics that touch me, and I am sure so very many other people. Great sound to the song and its country no doubt. Secondly, Tracy Lawrence himself. This is a country music lovers favorite type of artist. Full of musical energy and knows how to sing a good country song.

Oh, yes, I guess I should mention that the video has a few special appearances in it. A few athletes, Roy Oswalt of the Houston Astros, Cornelius Griffin and Demetric Evans of the Washington Redskins are in the video, pretty cool. Darryl Worley also is in the video, even cooler. The best though is seeing George Jones in the video, now that is something special.

This is one video I will be watching quiet often, no doubt.