Chris Cagle Cited For Misdemeanor Assault

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Country star Cagle accused of post-concert punch | ®

Chris Cagle has been charged with a Class 3 Misdemeanor Assault charge after a charity concert in Tucson, AZ. He is accused of punching a boyfriend of a fan after an altercation that is apparently after Cagle refused to sign anymore autographs for her, having already signed several items and had been escorted out of the venue. The male did not recieve any medical treatment and his hat was knocked off after the punch to the face.

An officer saw what appeared to be an argument at his tour bus and investigated and Cagle approached the officer about the incident. The victim press charges, even after the officer attempted to mediate the situation.

Now... I have no idea what took place, I only have the news article written about it and no information from Cagle's point of view, but I do see there is a problem with this. At no time should an artist result to physical force in dealing with a fan. From the reports, it sure sounds like the fan and her boyfriend were a problem. A fan should never act the way it sounds like they were from the reports either. Neither side of this were anywhere close being in the right.

Hopefully as time goes on, we will learn Cagle's side of this event and I can make a true opinion. However, from what I've read, both were in the wrong and neither should have acted in the way they did.

Whatever did happen, this type of event is a scar on country music, all types of celebrities encounter these types of events occuring, but it isn't the normal in any way in country music. Country music artists are known for their intense dedication to their fans, and Cagle knows that I'm sure. However, it is also a two way street. The fans respect the artists and they respect us. These two so called fans, do not reflect 99.9% of the fans of country music.

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Tina said...

I AM A Big Country Music Fan And A Really Really Big CagleHead,So Here Is My Point Of Veiw. I Think It Should Have Been Took Care Of Before It Ever Got That Far. Chris Should Have Not Had To Handle That His Self. There Should Have Been Security There To Handle It For Him. Chris Cagle Is A Good Hearted Man !!! It Had To Be Really Bad For Him To Do Something Like That,But Like I Said He Should Have Not Had To Handle It!!!! I Love You Chris Keep Up The Good Work. I`ll See Ya When I Get There !!!!