Opry Video Classics

Friday, December 14, 2007


Myyyy goodness. If you are a fan of the classic country music and the Grand Ole Opry, there is a DVD set that is out now that you must own.

The Opry Video Classics DVD set from Time Life will absolutely excite you.

"Opry Video Classics" will make any true country music fan real happy this Christmas. This is a 8 DVD set. Each DVD has a different theme: Duets, Hall of Fame, Honky-Tonk Heroes, Songs that Topped the Charts, Legends, Love Songs, Pioneers, and Queens of Country.

Each DVD in the set includes an introduction from Marty Stuart that talks very briefly about what you will be seeing. Then, you have 15 performances that are from the Purina Grand Ole Opry (1955-1956 on ABC,) or Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry (1960-1963 on WSM-TV,) or National Life Grand Ole Opry (1965 in black and white, 1966 began color on WSM-TV,) or That Gool Ole Nashville Music (began in 1985 on TNN.) Each DVD also has a exclusive bonus interviews with Grand Ole Opry stars that really give an incredible insight into the music.

What you will see are true classic performances, historical in nature. Cowboy Copas, Willie Nelson, Ernet Tubb, Grandpa Jones, Patsy Cline, Bill Anderson, and so many more. It is truly amazing what is on this set. The interviews showcase artists like Jean Shepard, Porter Wagoner, Jim Ed Brown, and Little Jimmy Dickens to name a few.

Now, this isn't made for the teenager or only new country fan, rather the fans of country music that love the music of today, and really understand, or what to understand, the history of the music. Now, don't be scared that its too expensive. You get all 8 DVDs in a nice DVD collection box for $119.96. Trust me, for what you get to experience, it is worth much more than that.

If you know someone that is a music lover of real classic country music and enjoys the Grand Ole Opry, this better be under the tree.