Country Concert Price Comparison

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ticket prices are too high. I hear it all the time it seems. Or, I tell someone that their favorite star is coming to their town and they say they can't go because it costs too much. I agree somewhat, I really think prices should be lower, however, I do also know the cost of living is outrageous. I also highly believe that all the many people that it takes to put on a concert tour should get paid for their talents. So, ticket prices are higher than a few years ago, but still, its a pretty good deal...especially for the country music fan.

Garth Brooks is a special situation, so I didn't include him in my research. His price for the past Kansas City shows was $32.50.

I love numbers. So lets play with some. This will prove to us that country music concerts are still cheaper than other shows. I just randomly clicked through Ticketmaster and obtained the prices for the top 5 concerts this week. I picked out the 4 concerts listed in the top 50 and then added Rascal Flatts.

Pollstar Top 5
Bon Jovi $49.50-132.50
Bruce Springsteen $65.00-95.00
Van Halen $47.75-147.75
Tool $45.50-75.00
Ozzy Osbourne $29.50-99.75
Top 5 Average: $38.30-110.00

Top Country Concerts
George Strait $54.50-64.50
Keith Urban $75.00-95.00
Martina McBride $21.75-54.75
Brad Paisley $29.50-44.50
Rascal Flatts $51.50-91.50
Country Average:


Now, lets take a look at prices adjusted for inflation using a inflation calculator at

2007Cost In 1997
George Strait $64.50$50.16
Keith Urban $95.00$73.88
Martina McBride $57.75$44.91
Brad Paisley $44.50$34.60
Rascal Flatts $91.50$71.15
Bon Jovi


Bruce Springsteen $95.00$73.88
Van Halen $147.75$114.90
Ozzy Osbourne $99.75$77.57

So, looking at the prices of concert tickets this way, you really notice a few things. The prices charged are not really all that bad and luckily country music fans don't have to pay as much as other shows. It is impossible to really due a 100% reliable comparison between the costs of shows based on inflation due to the supply/demand factor. However, thinking about it, we really are paying about what we should.

What we also should think about is that our legends in our music really should be getting the higher ticket prices; I'm talking about the Hall of Fame members, Opry members, and the true influences on country music. Average price I can come up with is about $42. That's insane. One exception, maybe Willie Nelson around $75. Think about it. Is seeing a band like Rascal Flatts really worth the price compared to seeing a George Jones, Willie Nelson, or someone of the like?
I don't think so.

The bottom line to me is save up, stop complaining, and more importantly enjoy the show to the fullest.

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Anonymous said...

On 11/30, Jamboree in the Hills put their 4 day concert pass on sale for $135. Granted, the performers don't do a full set (45-55 minutes, on average), it's still a bargain.

Lots of people growled at the poor lineup last year, but overall, where else can you go for good music and a great party - and a photo aisle!